Falling in Love with Precious Stones

***we Believe in spreading love through the medium of art and supporting impoverished children around the world therefore, a portion of our sale goes to Child Fund International Organization....
Now a little about Healing Gemstones and our Jewelry...
When we wear a lovely piece of Healing Gemstone Jewelry, or Natural Gemstone Jewelry, it can be so much more than just body art. Wearing natural gemstone jewelry brings the energy of the stone to your energy field.  It can heal, enhance our energy, or clear our energy field, just by being in our presence, or we in theirs. We choose a piece of gemstone jewelry to buy and wear because we are drawn to the energy of the stones. The qualities of that stone are just what we need in that moment.
I love stones and the energy they send out into the world and especially to those wearing them. Citrine for prosperity, Rose Quartz for attracting love and romance, and Amethyst for promoting balance and calm emotions. I believe deeply in the healing qualities of the stones I use and I provide some information about those healing qualities in Item details of my products.

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